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Current Progress in the ECSPIRT Project in 2010

1 Current Progress (22/01/10)

1.1 Our community coordinator for Grahamstown Mr Ngeju describes his work

"2009 was a very interesting year; especially with the economic recession at its beginning. For the VSA, it ended on a high note with the VSA website translated to an Eastern Cape indigenous language isiXhosa.

2010 had to start with me devising a strategy by which I can help the learners we introduced to awareNet. This strategy took the shape of me, personally, studying the scientific method which we will in turn pass on to the learners so that they use it as basis of testing the legitimacy of the projects they will be creating and uploading onto their awareNet pages.

The next step was to contact educators at the schools we work with. This is in order that we can start where we left off at the end of last year. We are awaiting their response and hope the learners are as willing and able as they were last year.

This is the much-anticipated year. When the FIFA Soccer World Cup arrives at the station, we hope to boast a few learners who can work with their fingers."

Please, find all further progress news of this project on the VSA blog.

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